Our Property Management Services

Renting out your property can be daunting.  We believe making the right decision in the first instance means you and your tenants will both be advantaged.  Property Management Practice will guide you both through the entire process.

Property Management Practice offers expert advice from pricing your property for lease, through to selecting the best tenancy, receiving your first statement and what to expect after. That’s our commitment and our promise to you. 

Your property will be managed by our Principal, Michele Taylor who has lived in the Swan Valley since 2008 and as such has a wide knowledge of the area, surrounding developments, community events and is in touch with local business owners.  

The Property Management Practice Service Advantages

  • Our primary focus is Property Management, not sales
  • Our principal has over 25 years Property Management experience,    does not come from a sales background, therefore, is better equipped to oversee Property Management Practices
  • We provide an honest and informed rental market analysis
  • We understand, monitor and analyse the rental market on a regular basis
  • Time spent with our clients is important to make certain that owners and tenants both have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities creating a path to mutual success.
  • Our aim is to achieve the highest possible return in the shortest time to minimise income loss
  • Our marketing strategy to lease your property is unmatched and aimed at attracting a positive result  
  • Your property will feature as a “premiere listing” on realestate.com.au for the duration of marketing the property for lease
  • During the marketing campaign to lease your property, we will update you after each viewing, following the weekend and before each weekend to re-assess our strategy if need be 
  • We have a strict communication policy to keep you regularly informed and updated on all events to do with the ongoing property management of your property
  • We will only select excellent tenancies with thoroughly checked references and clean credit history
  • Regular inspections are carried out with thorough reporting and photographic evidence which you will have access to via your online portal 24/7
  • Maintenance is centrally managed and tracked with automated communication
  • The professional tradespeople we employ are local, reliable, competitively priced licensed and insured
  • Zero tolerance of late rent
  • Re-negotiate tenancy renewals in advance and not at the last hour of tenancy
  • After hours’ emergency service
  • After hours viewing services, to accommodate tenants who may not be able to view during normal working hours and to increase leasing success, we do not use online booking services as we prefer personable service
  • Respond to telephone calls and emails in a timely manner
  • Keep up to date with current legislation, compliance requirements, education and technology
  • All our data is backed up on site and via the cloud safely and every 2 hours
  • We have strict policies and procedures in place to prevent scammers winning
  • We utilise an Australian wide, market leading, intelligent trust accounting programme whereby if you have properties in other states of Australia and your other agent uses the same software, you can safely view the status of all your accounts with one portal for all properties.
  • Owners and tenants have safe access to their information and account status online anytime 24/7
  • We do not outsource any property management tasks Overseas
  • We do not collect commissions from third party service providers, should we be offered commissions we kindly refuse and ask they donate to charity
  • Our promise is to deliver quality, personable, old-fashioned service

Contact Michele Taylor on 0448 802 909 to discuss our property management services and how we can help serve you and your property.