Our Service Guarantees

At Property Management Practice we understand the difficult decision you face when choosing to employ a property manager to look after the home you are moving out of and renting it out for the first time, the investment property you have just purchased or when wanting to change property managers.

We are here to help you face this decision and we are confident you will find comfort in knowing you are supported by our Property Management Service Guarantees.

Our Service Guarantees will give you peace of mind knowing we have set communication expectations, an Opt-Out agreement, a fee-free period and a terminated tenancy guarantee.  

Our Service Guarantees enable us as a company to set our own boundaries and be certain we aim to focus on delivering the service experience we want you to feel and what you expect to feel.

If for some reason we fail to meet our own service expectations we will penalise ourselves for this.  We will set out to use the experience as a motivation and example of what we may need to assess, how this happened, why this happened, what we are going to do about it now and how are we going to prevent reoccurrence,  the risk is greater for us and less to you, this is our service guarantee. 

Service Guarantee #1 – Our Communication Expectations 

Whilst today’s technology has enabled us to be instantly available, the role of a property manager and their associated demands does not always enable them to be available at the push of a button.  We have set communication expectations we feel are appropriate for both the agent and owner however if they are not met we will pay you $50. 

Telephone calls, text messages, Facebook and Instagram messages –  we will respond as soon as possible or within 2 hours during business hours

Emails – we will respond within 48 hours during business hours

After-hours – we will respond to and solve emergency calls only 

Service Guarantee #2 – Our “Opt-Out” Agreement 

Should our service standards not meet your service standards during the first 90 days, you may “opt-out” of your agreement, management fee free.

You will only be invoiced and asked to pay any out of pocket expenses in line with your management agreement, for example, any advertising costs, title search and/or any reporting provided to you such as a Property Condition Report. 

Service Guarantee #3 – Management Fee Free

We want your customer service experience to be “Greater than Great”, should you not be satisfied with our service,  we want to hear about it and we guarantee your management fee is free for 90 days.

Service Guarantee #4 – Tenancy Termination 

Whilst we set out to select tenants with excellent credentials including rental, employment and personal references there are situations that can and do arise which may impact the property owner financially and/or cause undue stress. For example, the following events can happen which are unexpected and beyond a Property Managers control such as; tenant job loss, relationship breakdown, domestic abuse, emotional and mental changes, trauma and events that change a persons ability to meet their lease obligations.  

If it becomes necessary to terminate a tenancy we’ve placed, in good faith and in hope of lightening the impact to the property owner, we will place a new tenancy leasing fee-free.

We value our customer’s service satisfaction and we will stand behind our guarantees and our customers, we will only be happy if you are happy.

For further information or clarification on our property management service guarantees please contact Michele Taylor on 0448 802 909.