Change Property Managers – Perth, WA

From one agent to another

Why should I change Property Managers?

Before changing property managers, Property Management Practice Perth invites you to consider asking yourself why you are thinking of doing so, listed below are some common reasons we hear that you may be experiencing which in turn is frustrating your agreement with your agent and causing you stress and angst.

  • Phone calls not being returned, emails not being replied to or replied to within a reasonable period of time
  • We are not being informed of important information in relation to rent arrears, unpaid invoices or property repairs
  • The agency has a high staff turnover, I never know who is managing my property?
  • My property has been vacant for months and I rarely hear any updates, I have to call the agent to find out what is happening
  • I’ve been charged for inspection but have not received reports or photos
  • Our property manager seems to act for the tenant and not for us
  • Our property manager is never in the office and seems to have no time to manage our property
  • Our income stream is inconsistent and we have regular unexpected repair bills that we have no prior knowledge of
  • We rarely receive advice or help from our property manager
  • My Property Manager is reactive and not proactive, I find things out too late that may have been prevented sooner
  • We feel that our Property Management Company is too big, we are not understood and do not receive the personable service we expect

Do any of the above sound familiar? If yes, it is easy to change Property Managers, here Property Management Practice, Perth provides frequently asked questions and answers to “Change Property Managers in Perth” and in accordance with Western Australian legislation.

Q.  What happens to my existing lease/tenants?

A.  There is no change to your tenancy; once you appoint our agency and by signing a new Management Authority we will:

  • Telephone your tenants to introduce ourselves and advise them of our appointment to take over management of the property
  • Send the tenants confirmation in writing to notify them of the official changeover date and provide instructions on where to re-direct their future rental payments
  • If we have not already inspected the property, we will make suitable arrangements to visit the tenants after changeover, address any maintenance and familiarise ourselves with the property
  • Provide the tenants with our after-hours emergency telephone number and guide designed specifically for Property Management Practice, Perth tenants.
  • Prepare the tenants for safe access to their own online account with information specific to their tenancy 24/7

Q.  How do I change over to Property Management Practice, Perth as my Property Manager of choice?

A.  Firstly, you and we need to be sure of your current agent’s contractual obligations, are you in a fixed term agreement or has it expired? If your contract has ended, great news you are in a position to change Property Managers, and it is your right to do so.

Next, you may then change Property Managers and appoint a new agency by signing a new Management Authority, then sign a standard letter addressed to your current agent terminating your agreement and by providing them with (28) twenty-eight days’ notice to do so, next we will:

  • Notify your current agent we have officially been appointed to manage your property on your behalf and verify the date of change of Property Managers.
  • Tenants – we will follow all steps as outlined above to ensure smooth changeover between Property Managers.
  • Collect the keys, remotes, operation manuals and any other relevant information from the current Property Managers
  • Confirm with you once we have officially taken over as your Property Managers and verify completion of the process

We, at Property Management Practice, Perth, are here to support you and help you through the process of changing Property Managers.  Should you find yourself in a frustrating position and are locked into a fixed Management Authority, we encourage you to telephone us to discuss your situation and seek confidential advice.

Why not change Property Managers? we hear you, we understand how you feel and we are here to help you change property managers.

Contact Michele Taylor on 0448 802 909 for a confidential discussion.